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  1. I happened across your site while looking for Dowgala’s in Hazleton, PA. Alexander and Stella Dowgala are my great uncle and aunt. Alexander had a brother, Victor. Victor married Anna. Together, they had several children including my grandmother, Rita Dowgala Geary. (If you knew the Geary/Gera/Giera family, that would be amazing!) Would you happen to know anymore information regarding the Dowgala family? I cannot trace them past here. It has been quite a challenge. Sincerely, Alexis Brown

    1. So sorry I missed this Alexis. I was out of the country for a few weeks and didn’t keep up with my comments on here. I grew up in their house! It was a small store. We found old coins under the old wooden steps. They had lovely gardens my mom reclaimed. I do know some Gera’s from the Eckley Buck Mountain area. I only know the Dowgala’s that owned my parent’s house had no children but left the lot next to us to am Elmer Minnick. We bought it from him. sorry again for the late response.

  2. Hello Frank,
    Enjoying your blog.
    I also have many fond memories from the 50’s and 60’s of the strippings (Mahanoy area) and picking mushrooms too!

    1. Thanks Michael. I’ve been picking the red tops and “spongies” since I was two. My grandmother was a Souchak from Park Place.

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