Late Summer At The PPL Wetlands.

Last Sunday I got up early , on a clear and cool late summer  morning,   to try and find some wild mushrooms.  I was unsuccessful so I decided to head to the PPL Wetlands in Salem Township. It has been almost three weeks since I last visited and I miss walking along the Susquehanna River, the canals and ponds. two turtles on a log

Once again I found many turtles sunning on the shores, rocks and logs in and around the waters, a sure sign that the waters are cooling down because of the decreasing sun and lengthening nights. green colored pond covered with duckweed

Another sign of the end of Summer and the approaching Fall was the absence of the chirping of the song birds.  It seems many of warblers and other song birds may have already begun their migration south. I didn’t even see many robins or red winged blackbirds. But there were still a few catbirds fluttering about and making plenty of noise. catbird in leaves on tree branch

The calming sounds of the cicadas could be heard from the tree tops and there were quite a few dragonflies darting about. dragonfly on a twig

At first I thought, being late August,  that there wouldn’t be as many flowers in bloom as Spring. And there weren’t, but, upon closer observation I found quite a variety of flowers still in bloom, including these pretty cardinal flowers. red cardinal flower in bloom

There were also still a full thistles in bloom, although most of these have gone to seed.purple thistle flower in bloom

There were still plenty of jewelweed or touch-me-nots blooming along the trails including many yellow ones  which I hadn’t seen earlier in August. yellow jewelweed or touch-me-not in bloom

There were also many daisy like flowers growing,daisy like flowers in bloom

and these not too popular flowers were now starting to bloom, the allergy aggravating ragweed. yellow ragweed flower in bloom

And, as flowers do, they did attract many insects including bees, wasps and butterflies. butterfly on flower

The milkweed flowers have now turned into pods and even these pods attract certain types of insects.insects on milkweed pod

And  the jack-in-the-pulpit flowers have now produced their unique fruit. Here is a link to some of the other flowers I found on my walk. FLOWERS.

I walked along the trails to the riverlands and always pretty Lake Took-A-While and the many folks still fishing in or walking around it’s waters or picnicking near it’s shores. Lake Took-A-While PPL Riverlands

I walked back through the trails of the river and wetlands, hearing mainly the  serenade of cicadas in the trees but also hearing, and seeing a few birds, including this  large flycatcher, I think it is a kingbird, kingbird on branch

this smaller flycatcher, flycatcher on branch

a juvenile woodpecker, juvenile woodpecker on tree

and some wood ducks, a great blue heron and a few green herons. 

As I left the wetlands I saw this fellow watching me leave. I could roam these trails all day, so much flora and fauna in these wetlands, but I had to head home, knowing that soon Fall will arrive and the wetlands will begin to enter their long winter nap. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike. PPL wetlands photographs.

When summer gathers up her robes of glory, And, like a dream, glides away.Sarah Helen Whitman


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Another Up Close Look At The Beauty Of Spring.

We have finally had some Summer-like weather here in Northeastern Pennsylvania these past few days and it has resulted in a spurt in the growth of the plants, trees and flowers. macro-5

I took a few walks with my macro lens to once again capture the beauty of May  from an insect’s perspective. macro hike -18

For a few days I was very alarmed to not find any bees at the rhododendron flowers which are now starting to bloom. macro hike -6

I have been noticing fewer and fewer bees and other insects for a few years now and this year walked for two days and didn’t see a single bee. Thankfully, yesterday I finally saw a few buzzing about the beautiful rhododendron flowers gathering the first pollen of the year to feed their hive. macro-9

I am hoping the wet and cool Spring weather we had delayed their appearance and that they once again are busily pollinating the flowers as they should. We would be in a lot of trouble if they didn’t. macro-15

I found some tiny  blueberries or,  as we call them around here huckleberries, just starting to develop. i learned,  from photographing them up close, that the seeds form first and the fleshy fruit we eat grows around them. Very  interesting.macro-11

It is amazing how delicate and intricate almost all of the plants, leaves and flowers are when viewed up close. macro hike -25

Even the dreaded poison ivy leaves have a beauty to them when viewed through with a macro lens.macro hike -10

I did see my first dragonfly on one of my walks but wasn’t able to get a photograph. There should be a lot more of them with the onset of the warm and humid weather. I also saw a few moths and butterflies hovering about the flowers in the fields and woods. macro hike -32

And even the ordinary wasps and flies have a strange beauty when viewed up close. macro hike -41

All of our plants and trees have now set forth their leaves, even the oaks, always the last to  last to leaf and the last to lose them in the Fall. macro hike -27

On my way home I visited my mom’s peony plants and again found them covered with ants. macro hike -16

There are so many objects to photograph in the woods, gardens  and fields near my house that I  could spend days just roaming them with my macro lens. But then I wouldn’t get to see, photograph and share the many beautiful landscapes and wildlife that inhabits them.macro hike -34

I do know this for certain, I will never be bored in the Spring, Summer or Fall here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Here is a link to some more photographs I took on my hikes with my macro lens.


“Look around you…Feel the wind, smell the air. Listen to the birds and watch the sky. Tell me what’s happening in the wide world.” macro hike -11
Nancy Farmer





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Close To Home And Up Close With Some May Flowers

As you may have guessed from my posts these past few weeks, I love this time of year.  There is something new, exciting and beautiful occurring  everyday in the natural world.  Macro flowers -16

I have been focusing my attention on the many species of birds arriving everyday  here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Today, not having much time, I decided to take my macro lens and  focus on an easier, but just as beautiful,  subject the many varieties of flowers  blooming everyday. Macro flowers -18

It was overcast when I left for a short walk for a few blocks near my house.  I  wasn’t disappointed. Macro flowers -33

Violets, growing wild,  were scattered everywhere on the ground, in the woods near my  house, along the sidewalks and  in many of my neighbors yards. Macro flowers -1

The apple trees were almost in full bloom now. Macro flowers -40

As were the crabapple trees.Macro flowers -4

Most of the Spring bulb  flowers were done blooming except for the tulips which were just coming into their peak season. Macro flowers -25

And the lilacs, one of my favorites. were just coming into bloom now. The air will be filled with their fragrance in a few days. Macro flowers -23

Even the lowly dandelion looked beautiful up close.Macro flowers -7

As were its seeds after it had finished blooming. Macro flowers -22

I have always enjoyed the wonders of nature, trees, birds,  mushrooms,  flowers and bugs  and I  find them even more beautiful through the lenses of my camera, both zoom and macro. Macro flowers -36

And, as these photos can confirm you don’t have to go far to find them. Here is a link to some more photographs I took on my walk this afternoon. flowers -31

The first wild-flower of the year is like land after sea. ~Thomas Wentworth Macro flowers -14Higginson


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Dallas Isn’t In The Desert?

I write this post shortly after I awaken in a city, Dallas,  I have hated for almost a half a century. I am a lifelong,  diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, and as any football fan would know, the Dallas Cowboys are our mortal enemies. I am here for a cousin’s wedding and left my favorite, and, in my opinion, greatest, city in the world, Philadelphia, early yesterday morning.  The trip started out well, as I found out shortly after I boarded my flight. The  two  seats next to me on my flight  were empty. I was in airplane heaven. I was able to spread out and get a short nap in. I sure wish this happened on my flights to and from Australia.Dallas Texas plane ride -18

It was dark for most of our flight, but as the  rising sun caught up with us near Dallas, I was able to  check out the landscape of this city  of my enemy.  I was immediately surprised at the amount of green there was and also the lakes  and waterways below. They were surrounded by the usual cookie cutter houses in the usual suburban housing developments.  This is a link to some more photographs from my flight to Dallas. Texas plane ride -10

I found the airport to be modern and efficient and I was soon in a taxi driving the crowded highways to my hotel, the Renaissance, located in the northwestern part of the city. I again was surprised with the amount of trees along the way.  From the old westerns and television shows I had always pictured to be a dry, treeless desert. Dallas Texas plane ride -16

I arrived at my hotel before  9 A.M. and, of course, my room wasn’t ready.  I made a quick change into summer cloths in  the rest room. It was already 70 degrees with an expected high near 90 degrees. I was hungry so walked a short distance to the Market Diner where I had a nice breakfast including some fried okra and a homemade biscuit. I planned to visit the historic downtown with my sister and her husband when they arrived so decided to head to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical gardens in the morning. Dallas Texas Arboretum drive -6

I took a nice taxi ride  past the skyscrapers of the  downtown , through the working class neighborhoods of east Dallas and to the affluent Lakewood area where the gardens were located. Here is a link to some more photographs from my ride through the city. Texas Arboretum drive -8

The sun was shining and it was already hot when I was dropped off at the   entrance to the Arboretum.  The entrance was filled with buses  dropping off school children. And I was greeted by the noisy cries of the many great-tailed grackles that live in the trees of the arboretum. Dallas Texas Arboretum critters -1

Inside I wanted to first visit the azaleas. I read that the have a spectacular display here in the Spring.  I was disappointed finding they had reached their peak bloom a few days earlier. There were still some species in bloom and there were some beautiful displays but many had already faded and dropped their flowers. Dallas Texas Arboretum walk-2

I soon got over my disappointment. The grounds of the arboretum were spectacular and there were many other displays of flowers in bloom. Dallas Texas Arboretum walk-46

I walked to the grounds overlooking the lake, passing many  landscaped ponds and waterfalls along the way. The gardens  were crowded and the voices of school children  visiting the arboretum where everywhere.  Dallas Texas Arboretum walk-24

There were plenty of  other critters too, including  birds in the trees, including scores of the great-tailed grackles, cardinals, sparrows and even a robin. Dallas Texas Arboretum critters -2

The ponds were filled with many beautiful  koi swimming about in their splendid colors.   And there were many red squirrels scurrying about the grounds too.  Here is a link to some more photographs of the wildlife I observed at the arboretum. Texas Arboretum critters -9

There were so many flowers in bloom many familiar like the snapdragons, on of my favorite, and many exotic  flowers I never saw before. Here is a link to many more of the flowers I saw on my walk. Texas Arboretum flowers-30

Every turn along the path seemed to have a secret to reveal. And there were a number of restaurants, all with outdoors seating filled to capacity on this wonderful Spring day. I wished I hadn’t eaten breakfast since they all looked so inviting. Dallas Texas Arboretum walk-15

And there were the statues, a recent addition of eight sculptures of “Great Contributors “to the history and culture of the world. They seemed at home in their garden setting. See if you can identify them all.  Here is a link to photographs of all eight of these sculptures. Texas Arboretum statues -2

I continued to explore the many  nooks and crannies, all containing beautiful displays of flower gardens.Dallas Texas Arboretum walk-11

I soon realized I could not see them all in the short time I was  there. I was meeting my nephew and his girlfriend in the afternoon so i had to leave this Spring wonderland of flowers. I hope I get a chance to return. I learned that Dallas sure wasn’t the desert town I thought it was for all of these years. I actually is very green, alive and beautiful, in the Spring anyway. Here is a link to some more photographs of my walk through the gardens. Texas Arboretum flowers-22


“I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,Dallas Texas Arboretum critters -17
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,
Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,
With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine.”
William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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Spring Is Making An Appearance, And It Sure Is Welcome

Well , so glad to have my blog website working again.i couldn’t upload photographs for over a week now.   It’s Spring here in Northeastern Pennsylvania and that always means plenty of beautiful happenings in the natural world. And, after the months of the  browns, grays and whites of Winter even the lowy dandelion looks beautiful .spring flowers  1-1

And even even more beautiful up close.

spring flowers -2

I took a short walk around my neighborhood to capture some of the early signs of Spring.  The crocuses are in full bloom now  and there were plenty to be found in a wide variety of colors.spring flowers -24

And like he dandelion they are even more beautiful, and exotic, up close.spring flowers -11

The daffodils are beginning to bloom too. I love watching these delicate flowers nodding in the wind. spring flowers -21

And there are signs of more to come, like this budding rose bush.  There will be beautiful flowers on this tiny bud in a few months. spring flowers -17

And, in may these buds, from a lilac bush, will fill the air with a magnificent perfume as well as a beautiful flower. spring flowers -20

And all sorts of weeds and wild plants are pushing forth their first leave. Sorry you cold weather lover, there is no way Winter can compete with the beautiful colors of Spring. i hope to share many more in the coming months. Here is a link to some more photographs I took on my walk this afternoon.

spring flowers -14

Spring dances with joy in every flower and in every bud letting us know that changes are beautiful and an inevitable law of life.”
Debasish Mridha

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Australia Day Seventeen: Hobart, Tasmania Part Two. Gardens, Mountains And The Moon.

Well I decided I had to do two posts on my first day in Hobart since there was just so much to see in this  beautiful city. After breakfast I  walked to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.  I have always loved, flowers, trees and plants and   always try and visit the local Botanical Gardens  on my travels.  I checked the maps briefly, knew it would be a nice walk,  and headed in the general direction of the Gardens. Botanical Gardens hike -2

As often  is the case, getting somewhere by foot is not as easy as it appears on a map. I walked along the street I thought would get me there but I ran into  a fence  and was   directed  to an underpass, past a water fountain and into a park.Botanical Gardens hike -3

I was a little unsure of which way to proceed so walked toward where I knew the Gardens would be, Unfortunately, the streets didn’t co-operate and I found myself asking for directions. Not always a good idea. A woman, with good intentions, I hope, sent me up a road that proceeded up a long hill. It was a nice walk, for awhile, with beautiful  views of the city and the surrounding mountains.Botanical Gardens hike -19

I walked past tennis courts, a soccer stadium and a track. There were also a lot of trees filled with squawking  green  parrot like birds. I continued walking but the cool air was warming up from the late summer sun and it was getting pretty hot  out. It is still summer down here, Botanical Gardens birds 2-1
Botanical Gardens hike -6 I knew I should have been at the Botanical Gardens by now, and, I looked for someone to ask where I was. It wasn’t good news, it seems I was led far from where I wanted to be. I wouldn’t have minded except I had booked a tour for 3:30 so didn’t have much time to be hiking all around Hobart. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike to the Botanical Gardens.

I eventually found the Botanical Gardens. However, I now had only about a half an hour to spend exploring these expansive grounds.Botanical Gardens -1

It was almost torture. There was so much to see and so little time to take it all in. Oriental ponds surrounded with exotic plants, fern gardens, rose gardens, North American trees and from all over the globe. .  Of course, I wanted to see it all but had to settle for a fleeting glance at the many exotice species of plants,trees and flowers. .  Botanical Gardens -13

I did make sure I got to the sub-antarctic room, a kept cold so as to allow species found only in the antarctic regions can live and thrive so far from their frozen home. It sure was cold inside but brought back memories of my visit to Antarctica. I left the gardens for the long walk to my hotel. Here is a link to some more photographs from my brief visit to the Botanical Gardens. Gardens -29

I only had time to get to my room, grab my ticket and head to catch my bus for a ride to the top of Mt. Wellington., the mountain that looms over Hobart and is so much a part of this delightful harbour town.  I had a problem at the bus, having been told I could pay with a credit card at the bus pickup. I was now told I couldn’t  and I had no Australian cash.  The first guide told me I wouldn’t be allowed to board the bus or take the tour. However, a second guide, who was going to take us up, took me into a visitor center where I was able to pay for the trip with my credit card. It was a very kind gesture on his part. We than proceeded up the long and winding road to the summit. Bus to Mt. Wellington-6

We first passed residential houses and drove through thick  eucalyptus forest. We learned of the devastating fire that occurred in 1967 burning hundreds of thousands of acres and killing 62 people. Bus to Mt. Wellington-7

We got glimpses  of the spectacular views that awaited us as we slowly made our way up the mountain. Finally,  we made it to the top and joined the scores of other tourists who came up for the fantastic view of the ocean and mountains. Here is a link to some more photographs of our journey up the mountains. to Mt. Wellington-18

We left our bus and had a forty five minutes to explore the summit. It was cloudy when we first arrived but the clouds broke and we were treated to the awesome vistas of the surrounding, seemingly, endless mountains, ocean and the town of Hobart far below us. Mt. Wellington-20

I took a walk to the overlook, then walked along the various trails on the summit taking in the different views the height of the mountain provided us.Mt. Wellington-2

It was chilly and windy up there and you could tell from the many wind blown shrubs and other plants growing among the many rock and boulders that were strewn atop the mountains summit. Here is a link to some more photographs from atop Mt. Wellington.

I wish we had more time but we returned to the bus for our long ride back to town, I returned to the hotel, showered and rested, before I had an early meal at the interesting Drunken Admiral tavern located near my hotel. The food was great as was the bar itself.  Mt. Wellington-14Hobart downtown walk two -1

The moon was nearly full that night, and although I was tired from a long day of sightseeing, I had to walk the docks under the moonlight taking in another perspective of this quaint and exotic harbour town on the edge of nowhere. It was another wonderful day in this remote part of the land “downunder”  Here is a link to some more photographs from my moonlight walk along the docks. moonlight walk-15


“Nothing can be compared to the new life that the discovery of another country provides for a thoughtful person. Although I am still the same I believe to have changed to the bones.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,Hobart moonlight walk-18

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Australia Day Twelve: A Wonderful Morning In King’s Park And A Late Night Plane Flight

I awoke  just up before dawn  on my last day in Perth and took a taxi to King’s Park to await the rising sun. I was lucky,  it was a clear and cool morning for Perth. A strong southerly wind had broken the heat wave they were having. I took in the Perth skyline, as watched for the sun to rise at the War Memorial.  It  didn’t disappoint me, it never does. I have watched a thousand sunrises and never saw one that didn’t leave me in awe.  It was beautiful . After watching the sunrise I spent some time exploring the park and it’s famous botanical gardens. Here are some more photographs of the beautiful sunrise. Perth King's Park sunrise -6

King’s park is one of the largest parks inside of  the  limits  of any city in  the world, larger  even than New York’s Central Park. So I knew I wasn’t going to see all of it.Australia Perth King's Park and Botanical gardens walk -35

I walked around some of the information centers in the botanical gardens and observed the many new, and strange species of flowers that are native to Australia.seals 27-24

What is more surprising is the lack of flowers. Australia, except in the rain forests in the north is a dry country and many of the plants had small leaves for conserving water.  I love learning about the different plants that are found in different climates all around the world.seals 27-22

And the trees, they are even more special. There were many representatives   of the hundreds of species  eucalyptus trees. I learned about how they shed their bark when I visited the Blues Mountains near Sydney. There were also areas with ponds, grasslands  and area  representing all habitats found in Australia. I even got to see one of my favorite trees, a baobab. I loved these trees since I first learned about them in grade school. Here is a link to some more photographs of the many plants, trees and flowers I saw at the botanical gardens. Perth King's Park and Botanical gardens walk -18

I walked down a bush trail,  a large area of the park was never developed and remains as it was when only the aborigines lived here. It was interesting to see what the lands looked like, and again, I noticed how dry all of the leaves and plants were, so unlike the leaves in the Northern Hemisphere.  An added treat to the hike was the many beautiful views of the Swan River and the suburbs that surround Perth.Australia Perth King's Park and Botanical gardens walk -20

I hiked back up to the War Memorial taking in all of the exotic plants, trees and flowers. I also saw quite a few birds in the park, many eluding my camera but I was able to capture a few. Here is a link to some more photographs of the birds I saw on my walk. 2-1

I left the park, through a long line of beautiful eucalyptus trees planted by a woman’s group on September 29 1929, a week after my mom was born. I than walked back through downtown Perth, through bustling Monday morning traffic and back to my hotel. Here is a link to some more photographs of my walk through the park and back to my hotel. Perth King's Park and Botanical gardens walk -42

At my hotel ran into a little, well a major problem, with my lap top. It wouldn’t hold a charge. I was in a panic and spent a few hours with the warranty company. I was surprised they would cover a repair even in Australia  but was told it would take a day for them to send someone to look at it. Not good. I found a repair shop that worked on Lenovo lap tops and took a taxi to it’s location.  The lobby of the store had a replica of the lost In Space  robot,  I loved this show as a kid and should have headed the robot’s warning . Danger, danger! The young lady there was very helpful but told me she thought the battery or charger was probably damaged by a surge and there would be nothing she could do. Not what I wanted to hear. No more blogs or photographs sent home. Que sera sera. I took a taxi back to the hotel, checked out and decided to walk to the Perth Art Gallery to spend my afternoon. King;s park to hotel walk-14

It was very hot again, near 100 degrees, as I walked through the busy streets of midtown Perth. I took a few side streets to take in the local scenery and pasts some homes, businesses and a hospital along the way. Perth Art Museum walk -5

I got a little off path but was finally  directed to the Art Gallery. Once again time was my enemy. I found so many interesting paintings, sculptures exhibits I knew I couldn’t take all in. Perth Art Museum 020

I like to sit, reflect and enjoy the various works of art in a gallery. I try  to imagine that the artists was thinking and trying to say when they produced their works of art. I was glad the museum allowed me to take photographs. I have not watermarked them since they are not mine but the artists who produced them. I can’t identify all the artists I saw and photographed but please check out the museums’s website to assist you with any identification.  I am privileged  to be able to share the talent of the artists, since it was created to be shared.  Here is a link to some more photographs I took in the museum. Art Museum 075

There was so much to see in such a short time I had to rush through many rooms of exhibits since the museum was closing. .  So many works caught my eye and could only give them a fleeting glance. Here are some more photographs  of the many wonderful works of art I saw at the museum.

I walked back, stopping at the Natural museum only to find it closing too. It was still hot and a long walk back and   I was so was able to shower at the hotel pool when I got back.  Here is a link to some photographs I took on my walk to and from the Art Gallery. Art Museum walk -17

I still had a few hours to kill, since my flight didn’t leave until midnight and I sat down, plugged my lap top in and it started to re-boot and recharge.. I was delighted and spent the next few hours editing photographs. I left the beautiful city of Perth as the sun set in the west. I was only here for a few days but I feel in love with this isolated town near the shores of the Indian Ocean.IMG_5382


“Alone of all the races on earth, they seem to be free from the ‘Grass is Greener on the other side of the fence’ syndrome, and roundly proclaim that Australia is, in fact, the other side of that fence.”
Douglas Adams


Perth Art Museum 024



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It’s September And Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Spring is long gone now and Summer is coming to an end here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. And most of flowers we so enjoyed  during the past few months  are gone too.  Some, like the lyrics in the Pete Seeger, were picked by young girls but many developed into fruits, seeds or nuts, and  for them on my afternoon hike today. End of summer walk  (1 of 20)

The beautiful apple blossoms that were so delicate and fragrant in May are now delicious ripe apples bending the limbs of their trees with their weight. And I know they are delicious, since i ate a few. End of summer walk  (15 of 20)

And the grape flowers are now ripe bunches of groups pictured above.

Some of the flowers, like the dandelions just go to seeds and are blown in the wind. End of summer walk  (10 of 20)

Others produce seeds we can eat or use for seasoning like the dill I found.End of summer walk  (13 of 20)

And the flowers of the chestnut and black walnut have produced nuts ready to fall to the ground where, if we don’t use them, the will provide many a squirrel and chipmunk a meal. End of summer walk  (11 of 20)

Not all of the flowers produced edible fruit as the pokeweed flowers have produced these poisonous berries. End of summer walk  (6 of 20)

A lot of other seeds, fruits and nuts are to be found everywhere you look this time of year. But there are still some flowers providing us with their beauty and fragrance like this beautiful rose i came across on my walk.End of summer walk  (19 of 20)

So enjoy the flowers that are still in bloom, or the fruits of those that bloomed earlier in the Spring and Summer, because we will soon get our first frosts and they all will be gone. Here is a link to some more photographs I took on my hike this afternoon.

End of summer walk  (8 of 20)

“A flower blossoms for its own joy.”
Oscar Wilde

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Malmo Sweden: Those Swedish Folks Sure Love Their Flowers.

Sorry I left you folks in Sweden, but  it was difficult keeping  up with my blog posts after I joined up with my fellow  group of travelers in Denmark. We spent so much time exploring the beautiful countries cities of Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and the unplanned visit to Tallinn, sharing meals and traveling, what was left was needed for sleep. And that wasn’t much considering the long days of the Scandinavian Summer. Malmo Sweden morning walk l   July 28  2015 (26 of 50)

I really wanted to share these photographs of the beautiful flowers that seemed to be everywhere in the Swedish city of Malmo.Malmo Sweden flowers  (22 of 27)


The small space between the narrow cobblestone streets and the quaint houses were all planted with hollyhocks and roses. The fragrance of the roses filled the air. And  i have never seen so many different colored hollyhocks. I am used to the red ones most folks in my neighborhood planted when I was a child. This is a link to more of the many colored hollyhocks, and a few roses, I photographed on the streets of Malmo. And, of course, you can just view them in the photograph  pages  of my blog.

Malmo Sweden hollyhocks and a few roses (3 of 13)





The public squares, cemeteries , and parks where all planted in flowers.Malmo Stotrorget july 26 2015 (10 of 12)



And of course where there are flowers there are bees. They were buzzing everywhere. They reminded me of how it used to be here in my town when I was young. Not so anymore there are fewer and fewer of them each passing year. Sad, But they where plentiful in Malmo and they were so different form the bees here in the Pennsylvania.I had more time in Sweden, when I was traveling alone in Sweden  so  I was able to get out with my macro lens and get some close ups. Amazing.  Malmo Sweden wasp  134 (1 of 1)


This is a link to some more photographs I took of the Swedish bees and wasps I found in Malmo . Sweden Morning walk july 26 2015 (23 of 23)

Although the streets mainly were planted with roses and hollyhocks I found a wide variety of native flowers in the beautiful Slottsragarden. I could have spent a month here. There is so much beauty all over this planet and the city of Malmo, which I had never heard of a few months ago, certainly has it’s share. I will never forget my visit there. Here is a link to some more of the many colorful flowers I found in these wonderful gardens.

Malmo Sweden flowers  (2 of 2)



“I must have flowers, always, and always.”
Claude MonetMalmo Sweden flowers  (4 of 27)

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If You Look Real Close, Bugs Can Beautiful Too. Well I Think So Anyway.

Unlike the cold and dark Winter months here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, where nature goes to sleep and there is not much life outdoors, the Spring and Summer months have something new to display every day.Macro wasp and fly 035 (1 of 1)

I decided to take a short walk with my macro lens to take a look at what is new up close. Macro moth 014 (1 of 1)

The summer flowers are now in bloom, The thistle, queen anne’s lace, daisies and chicory. And the aromatic yarrow, pictured below. And they all attract a multitude of insects. It is truly amazing to find a patch of, what many consider weeds, and see the numerous species of insects that they attract. Macro  (3 of 4)

Wasps and bees of all shapes,sizes  and colors. Flies, moths and butterflies  are everywhere. Macro wasp and fly 044 (1 of 1)

You really don’t appreciate the remarkable of complexity of even the tiniest insect until you examine it up close. I truly could spend hours looking at these tiny but delicate and beautiful creatures, which many folks call pest, that share our world with us. They were here long before we were and surely where created for a purpose. And I am glad to be able to capture some of that beauty with the aide of my macro lens.

This is a link to the many insects, flowers and a moth I captured up close on my hike this afternoon. Take a look, they are beautiful in their own way. Macro wasp 095 eyes (1 of 1)  bugs 82 (1 of 1)


God in His wisdom made the fly
And then forgot to tell us why.
~Ogden Nash, “The Fly”


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