Puerto Rico Day Two: Up Early In San Juan But No Sunrise For Me.

Despite the night long celebrations on San Sabastian Street I slept well my first night in San Juan. I was up before my alarm went off,  hoping to see a sunrise. I thought I could see it near Castillo San Cristobol, the large fort to the east of my hotel. clouds over ocean near walls of fort

Sunrise was around 7 a.m. and I hurried along the wall overlooking the ocean to be on time. Well, as I approached the fort I realized it was obscuring my view to the east and I would never get around it to see the sunrise. narrow San Juan street

Instead I walked back down toward the cruise ship pier again on the narrow cobblestone streets. Christopher Columbus statue old San Juan

I came upon the Plaza Colon where a towering statue of Christopher Columbus overlooks the plaza. The plaza was surrounded by restaurants and gifts shops but there was no activity at this early hour. colorful buildings old San Juan

I made it to the pier where I found a contrast of the old and the new, a  sail ship and a gigantic cruise ship. sail ship and cruise ship in morning sunlight

This is were you can also find more contrast between the old town and the new growth from tourism. There was a Walgreen store next to a Sheraton Hotel,hotels and stores in old San Juan

and there even was a Ralph Lauren store. Philadelphia doesn’t even have one of these anymore. Lot of tourists dollars flow around here. ralph lauren store old San Juan

I meandered through the streets of San Juan observing the colorful buildings and many shops and outdoor cafes and restaurants, of course, closed at this early hour.outdoor cafes in old San Juan

I next  walked back up the steep streets to Norzagaray street were the entrance to my hotel is located. It is the last street along the massive wall that was built to protect the city. graffiti old San Juan

I noticed the many building located below the wall, next to the ocean and remember reading about this residential community, La Perla.La Perla sign along Atlantic Ocean

The guide books I read said to stay clear of this poorer neighborhood, so, of course, I had to visit. I walked through the narrow old gate into the village and found a few folks who were pleasant and friendly.old gate in wall La Perla

The buildings were run down and appeared damaged by the hurricane. Unfortunately it appears many of the residents could not afford to make  repairs.colorful house on street in La Perla

I walked to the ocean and enjoyed watching and listening to the waves crash along the rocky shore.

I also watched a large cruise ship enter San Juan Bay, giving an illusion it would crash into  “El Morro” .cruise ship near "El Morro"

I made my way  up the steep road to Norzgaray Street and back to my hotel. I spent some time exploring it’s many room. All adorned with the art work and sculptures created  by  the owner, Jan. I had  a small breakfast and was soon off for more explorations of the wonderful city. Here is a link to some more photographs from my morning walk.  Puerto Rico Day Two San Juan morning walk. 

room in Gallery Inn

“Life is an experiment in which you may fail or succeed. Explore more, expect least.” 
― Santosh Kalwar


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Day Four. Scandinavia Adventure. Farewell To Malmo.

Finally got some good sleep last night, and there’s nothing like waking up in a foreign country after a good night sleep.  You just want to jump out of bed and begin exploring. And so I did.

It was partly sunny today, no rain, but windy and quite cool.  I would guess mid 50’s.   I was in a hurry and forget both my camera battery and memory card. Once I got on my way I decided to head out and explore the harbor again. Malmo Sweden morning ocean walk July 29 2015 (1 of 40)

I love harbors. I have walked alone along isolated piers in harbors from Ushuaia to Reykjavik.  So many thoughts about where the ships came from and where they are going. Each harbor is so much the same yet so different.

Today I walked past the central station and through a commercial and business district toward the lighthouse that marks the entrance to the port. Malmo Sweden morning ocean walk July 29 2015 (3 of 40)

I walked along the waterfront and back through the upscale housing complexes I visited yesterday . folks were just getting up, many talking the bikes to work, young mommy’s with their children aboard.



I walked past the residential area and into the isolated industrial areas found in most shipyards.  It appears there was  much more shipping here in the past but, perhaps because ot the Oresund bridge, and the accompanying rail traffic it has decreased. I loved the feeling of isolation out hereMalmo Sweden morning ocean walk July 29 2015 (12 of 40)

I then headed back toward the famous Turning Torso building and the surrounding residences and park. There was a great overlook of the ocean and I just stood for awhile taking it all in. I was lucky to spot a pair of swans and their two youngsters enjoying the rough waters.  I had only my wide angle lens so couldn’t get any close ups but sure enjoyed the moment. It reminded me of a Hans Christain Andersen fairy tale. Malmo Sweden morning ocean walk July 29 2015 (20 of 40)

I headed back along the ocean, encountering lots of folks starting their day, including fishermen, runners, bikers, a  large group of young children and even a brave soul taking a dive in, what i am guessing, were frigid waters. And all under the watchful presence of the Turning Torso. Malmo Sweden morning ocean walk July 29 2015 (32 of 40)

I meandered my way back to the hotel seeing so much more but, sorry i have a train to catch and I haven’t packed yet. More from when I get to Denmark. Here is a link to some more photos from my walk this morning. http://www.keepyoureyespeeled.net/scandinavia-july-26-august-8-2015/nggallery/scandinavia-july-25-august-8-2015/malmo-sweden-morning-waterfront-walk-july-29-2015Malmo Sweden morning ocean walk July 29 2015 (39 of 40)

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Belize City Sunrise Walk, it’s good to be int the tropics in February.

Wanted to get some photos up before I left for Crooked Tree later today.  Didn’t sleep well but had to get up early to catch the sunrise. And it was worth it.

Walked on the sidewalk along the shore. So peaceful. Like in many towns, the walkers and runners who are up are the friendliest folks you can meet. Many a pleasant greeting was shared in passing as we took in the sun rising.Also got to see some wildlife, sea gulls, a few crane like birds and a frigate bird . Last time I saw one was when I visited the Galapagos Islands. You can see the cays that Belize is famous for in the distance in some of the sunrise photos I took.

And speaking of photos I know the albums I uploaded on my blog/website are slow to download. i am working on it. One of he reasons I didn’t sleep much. And trying to add a map page. But the i also loaded some of the photos to my Flicker page and I know some of your folks are viewing them there. Here is the link. https://flic.kr/s/aHsk4WEwvc  Well for a quick breakfast. Hope to post later today, but never know in a foreign country. Belize city morning walk 067


 “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for” – John A. Shedd

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