Stockholm To Helsinki. A Rainy Morning Walk In Stockholm And Then Crossing the Baltic Sea

I was up early my last day in Stockholm, hoping to spend my last morning in Djurgarden  Island. I wanted to walk through the famous wooded parks and visit some of the many museums.  Unfortunately heavy rain changed my plans. I did get to see a lot of the island including the Rosendal Palace and gardens but had to end my trip walking back in the pouring There are more details of my morning walk in my blog post from August 5 2015 and here is a link to the page


I was lucky to have my camera cover and Gortex waterproof jacket but my shorts and shoes were soaked.  i threw my socks away , a member of our group told me to use a blow dryer on my sneakers and shorts, and I was able to get them dry enough to pack. I finished packing, had some breakfast and waited for our bus rife to the ferry which we boarded for our trip across the Baltic Sea to Helsinki Finland. This is a link to some more photographs from our trip to  the ferry. to Helsinki Ferry boarding (5 of 18)

I was very excited about my trip, I loving traveling on the ocean. I checked out my cozy cabin then went right to the top deck to enjoy the view. Stockholm to Helsinki Ferry boarding (10 of 18)

We left Stockholm passing the many places we now knew from our visits and proceeded for a few hours through the narrow waterways, with many islands that separated Stockholm from the Baltic Sea. Stockholm to Helsinki deck photos (4 of 27)

The shores of the surrounding land and islands were covered in woodlands with many scattered houses, cottages and cabins. Stockholm to Helsinki deck photos (21 of 27)

We weren’t the only ship sailing these waters and we passed many  boats and ships of all sizes as we made our way north and east.

Stockholm to Helsinki deck photos (19 of 27)

We dined at 6:30 and were treated to a smorgasbord of  all sorts of Scandinavian dishes.  I explored the ship a bit, since  it clouded up and got cooler outside.  Stockholm to Helsinki ship photos (14 of 17)

This was a ferry, and not a cruise ship, but it still had a lot of ways to entertain the passengers  including two night clubs with live performances, slot machines, cafes and a sauna and gym. This is a link to some more photographs of the ship to Helsinki ship photos (2 of 17)

At  sunset I went  back out on the deck and was disappointed to find there were still a lot of clouds in the sky and that I wouldn’t get to  see the sunset. it was still nice to watch the clouds change colors  as the sunset.Stockholm to Helsinki deck photos (26 of 27)


We were on open sea now so not much to see, although I loved the smell of the ocean  and the swelling of the waves. I wanted to stay out, but it was late and I wanted to watch the sunrise which I knew would be very early at these latitudes. i went to my cabin and had a wonderful night sleep as I was gently rocked by the waves of the Baltic Sea. It was a great trip so far and I was excited about our arrival in Helsinki in the morning. Here is a link to some more photographs taken from the deck. to Helsinki deck photos (6 of 8)

“hark, now hear the sailors cry,
smell the sea, and feel the sky
let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic…”
Van Morrison

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Stockholm Sweden: Part Two. More Water And A Visit To Royalty.

For any new readers, I am recollecting my recent visit to Scandinavia, and left off when we boarded a ferry from near City Hall in Stockholm for a pleasant one hour boat ride to famous Drottningholm Palace.

We left the old building and churches of old town Stockholm and passed the stately City Hall Building. Stockholm Sweden boat ride to Drottningholm palace (17 of 26)

I was surprised, as we left the old town how wooded the water side was. There were some cottages and Summer homes and I was even more surprised to see a number of beaches with a lot of swimmers and sunbathers.  We also saw fisherman and pleasure boaters on the clear blue waters.  This is a link to some more photographs from our boat ride to the Palace. Sweden boat ride to Drottningholm palace (6 of 26)

We rounded a curve in the water and saw the magnificent  Drottningholm Palace. I wondered how many awe stuck envoys from foreign countries were just as awed seeing it for the first time before the modern age of airplanes and automobiles. Stockholm Sweden Drottningholm Palace grounds (3 of 32)

We entered the Palace but only had about an hour before it closed for the day.  Still,  we made the best of our short visit and saw as much as we could.

We first walked through the vast lawns and gardens surrounding the palace. It really was like  being in a fairy tale. This is a link to more photos of the vast gardens.

Stockholm Sweden Drottningholm Palace grounds (14 of 32)

We then walked to the theater for an English tour. We learned, financial difficulties at the time, although a splendid looking building it was mainly plaster and paint  designed to look lavish. Still many  of Europe’s royalty was entertained here and one couldn’t help  feeling in the auditorium how it must have felt to be there on a frigid Winter night to see performance of the finest plays in Europe. This is a link to some more photographs of the theater. Sweden Drottningholm Palace theater (22 of 27)

There was a tour of the Palace scheduled in 15 minutes and my sister and I made a dash to take a quick peek at the Chinese pavilion and gardens. There was so much to see, and we only got a quick look, but the  sight of buildings and trees was worth the effort. Here is a link to some more photographs of the Chinese gardens. Sweden Drottningholm Palace Chinese gardens (5 of 22)

We made it back shortly after the tour started and again learned, that due to the lack of funds in the royal treasury, a lot of the splendor of the Palace was plaster, wood and paint. It sure fooled me.  The photos, and this is a link to more of them, show how splendid the Palace looked even though it was only wood and plaster. Sweden Drottningholm Palace Royal halls (6 of 20)

We then were given a tour of the private Royal chambers and bedrooms. We learned so much history including how one Queen would only have audiences in her bedroom chamber’s , which was considered highly inappropriate at the time. And the furnishings and painting were  all.  spectacular.Stockholm Sweden Drottningholm Palace Royal rooms (14 of 41)


We were the last tour of the day and the ceremonial guards stood at their posts as the real guards closed the gates.

We then had a pastry and some coffee and made our way back into Stockholm by bus and metro.  The public transportation system is  Stockholm, like in all Scandinavia, is both clean and efficient. While on the metro, and trying to find a restaurant suggested by our morning tour guide, , a local dentists, laughing at my mispronunciation of the local streets,  befriended us. She was so kind to help send lead us in the right direction when we go off at the Central Station. We decide to try her suggestion for a place to eat and we had a nice meal in  the Hungarian restaurant she recommended. The food was good and we all loved the fresh unpasteurized beer,  Here is a link to some more photographs of our trip  back to the hotel. Sweden Drottningholm Palace Royal trip home (6 of 18)

Once again, it was late by the time we walked back to our hotel and I went right to sleep. We had the morning to ourselves and I wanted to get up early to explore the woodlands of Djurgarden island.


“The greatest products of architecture are less the works of individuals than of society; rather the offspring of a nation’s effort, than the inspired flash of a man of genius…”
Victor Hugo,

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Scandinavia Day Ten. Stockholm, Sweden: “The City That Floats On Water”

I was up early on my first full  day in Stockholm, but not early enough to beat the early rising Nordic sun. It was already shinning when I headed out for a mornStockholm Sweden morning walk  (10 of 39)ing walk.


I made my way down to the water, which isn’t hard in this city made up of fourteen islands. I walked along the waterfront  where many small boats were docked and made my way past  the City Hall building and along the water front to the bridge leading to Gamla Stan or “old town” where we had dinner the night before.  The brilliant sun made for some nice photos. Stockholm Sweden morning walk  (12 of 39)

I headed back past the opera house and made my way through the side streets to my hotel. I love seeing a city in the morning and here found garbage trucks, fisherman and many bicyclists, runners and pedestrians enjoying the morning sunshine.. This is a link to some more photographs from my morning walk. Sweden morning walk  (33 of 39)



After a shower and breakfast we boarded our bus for the short ride to the stately and famous Stockholm City Hall or Stadshus. This imposing brick building hosts the four other Nobel awards each December.

Stockholm Sweden morning walk  (21 of 39)

Our guide gave us an informative tour of the building including the magnificent Golden Hall decorated with mosaics depicting many scenes from Swedish culture and history and made from over a million tiles.


Stockholm Sweden Gold Room  (11 of 23)


Here is a link to some more photographs of some of these beautiful mosaics. Sweden Gold Room  (1 of 23)

When leaving the building I came upon an oak tree that was dedicated as a Children’s Meeting Place where children and decision makers meet and exchange ideas for a better future, What a wonderful idea. We left City Hall and boarded our bus for a tour of the city. Here are some more photographs from our visit to Stockholm City hall.  City hall (35 of 36)




We first crossed over to the “south” island taking in the local busy streets and made our way to an overlook where we had a magnificent view of the city and most of it’s islands. Stockholm Sweden bus and walking tours  (17 of 49)


We than drove into Gamla Stan or “old town” Stockholm where we went on a very informative walking tour of the medieval town. We again visited the Stortorget or town square and made our where through the narrow streets of the old town past houses, still in use, that dated from the fifteenth century. Stockholm Sweden bus and walking tours  (32 of 49)

We ended our tour on djurgarden island, once a hunting preserve for royalty and now home to an amusement park, many museums a castle and the famous Vasa warship museum. Many of our group stayed here but my sister and a few others, with the help of our morning tour guide, made our way to the ferry docks where we took a ferry to visit the famous Drottningholm palace a World Heritage site. Looks like we again saw so much that I will need a Stockholm part two. I am sorry for any mistakes that appear in my posts, i am basically doing them straight from my head with no time for editing. We saw so much and i want to get it down while it is fresh in my mind.  Here is some more photographs from our bus and walking tours of  Stockholm. Sweden boat ride to palace  (5 of 7)


Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.  Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.  ~Mark Twain

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Scandinavia Day Nine. On The Road Again, A Pleasant Drive To Stockholm.

There wasn’t any time to sleep in on this trip and I was up before the  early rising sun again to take a walk through the lovely streets of Oslo one last time.  Oslo Norway morning walk  2015 (1 of 20)

I walked to the harbor and enjoyed the beauty of the  waters of the North  Sea that stretched so far inland.  I enjoyed watching Oslo awaken  as I walked through the down town.  i walked back to my hotel, and after a quick shower and breakfast, was back on our bus for the long ride to Stockholm. Here, again, is a link to a few more photographs of my morning walk, Norway morning walk  2015 (13 of 20)

We soon left Norway and again drove through the rural and wooded Swedish countryside.

Once again, as required by local laws, we had to stop at a rest area after driving for two hours for a break. The first stop was at a McDonald’s. Yes, the do have fast food in Scandinavia. I don’t eat it here in the States so wasn’t going to eat it in Sweden but did have a coffee and got to take a look around the rest area. Oslo to Stockholm  rest areas  (26 of 31)

We drove for another two hours and this time stopped at a diner where I had a nice lunch. Again we got to explore the rest area and gift shops. it seems rest areas are so alike yet so different in each country I visit.  It seems that travelers always have a certain comradery  no matter which country I visit. I also like checking out the gas pumps and surrounding countryside.  Here is a link to some more photographs from our stops at the rest areas. to Stockholm  rest areas  (24 of 31)

After a few more hours drive, again through mainly rural and wooded countrysides, and a drive along the famous Lake Venern, we stopped for a visit to the historic lake side resort town of Mariefred. This quaint little town is also the home of the Gripsholm Slott or Castle.

Oslo to Stockholm  Mariefred (22 of 33)

While we didn’t get a chance to visit the castle we did get to explore the streets and allies of this crowded resort town.  So many sights, including the lake, an old church and shops and vegetable markets with abundant local produce. So much to see and the photographs in this link are worth a look. to Stockholm  Mariefred (27 of 33)

After another hour ride we made it into Stockholm. Here is a link to some more photographs from our drive from Oslo. to Stockholm  Mariefred (5 of 33)

Stockholm, the largest city in Scandinavia is know as the “city that floats on water” because it is situated on a number of island.  We didn’t get to our hotel until late in the day but after checking in we were out for a walk through the streets of Stockholm and made our way to the island on which the “old town’ or Gamla Stan is located. Stockholm  sweden evening walk (19 of 74)

On the way we walked past the stately City Hall and we came upon the beautiful old town sky line across the water as seen in the photograph above. We walked into the old town and through the narrow streets past medieval churches, buildings , shops and restaurants. Stockholm  sweden evening walk (15 of 74)

We found the Palace and the ever present Royal Guard alert at their post. We made it into the Stortoget or town square. This ancient square was the sight of the infamous Stockholm Bloodbath in 1520. Today the square is crowded with shoppers, tourists and folks enjoying a good meal. At the ancient fountain I encountered this little guy playing in the waters. His mother was kind enough to let me photograph him and he seemed  to enjoy posing for me. Stockholm  sweden evening walk (62 of 74)

We than had an enjoyable late dinner on square and walked  back under the late setting sun. A hot air balloon sailing in the sunset added the perfect touch to a wonderful night in Stockholm. It was another long,  but unforgettable, day in Scandinavia.  Here is a link to many more photographs which tell of the beauty of old time Stockholm far better than I can.  you really should take a look at them all.

Stockholm  sweden evening walk (71 of 74)

Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard

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Scandinavia 2015 Day Two. Lund, Sweden. Old World Charm At It’s Finest.

After spending some time exploring Malmo on Sunday ,  and getting some sleep, I decided to take the  early train to the historic city of Lund.  I had thought about renting a car and driving, but the efficient and modern train ride from the airport in Copenhagen to Malmo persuaded me to try the train again. Lund  sweden train ride  july 2& 2015 (2 of 9)


It was a rainy walk to the train station but I had no problem getting a ticket at the bustling Central Station in Malmo and talking the 20 minute ride to Lund. I was surprised at how  clean and well run the train stations were and enjoyed  observing the Swedish countryside on my ride. This is the link to some more photos from my train ride (or you can view them in my Scandinavia photograph gallery on my blog home page).  sweden train ride  july 2& 2015 (7 of 9)


I arrived in Lund and headed to the famous Cathedral or Domkryka. The light rain added to the medieval look of the city. The roads were cobblestone and lined with old, colorful houses, some surrounded by flowers.

Lund sweden town walks (16 of 40)


The original Cathedral was built around the year 1000 but Lund was already a religious center for the pre-Christian inhabitants and was a meeting place of the local Skane Assembly.  The Cathedral was an impressive  stone building dominating the old town and university.

Lund  sweden cathedral   july 27  2015 (30 of 40)

Built in the Romanesque style the inside is just as impressive as the outside. The church is dark which adds to it’s splendor and  feeling of antiquity. It has a few ancient features including a large organ and, what i loved the most an astronomical clock built in the 1400’s.  This is a link to a video of this wonderful clock. Sorry a portion of it is on it’s side.   I enjoyed exploring this ancient church. This is a link to some more photographs of the wonderful clock and the Cathedral. sweden Cathedral (4 of 9)

After exploring the ancient and eerie crypt of the Cathedral I walked through the cobblestone streets of Lund and came to the botanical gardens. I could have spent hours here but a light rain, and empty stomach , had me head into town for a cup of coffee and a snack. This is a link to some more photographs I took in the botanical gardens. sweden Botanical Gardens (3 of 11)

I found a nice place across  from the town square. I then continued my walk through the town, visiting the library where a professor doing research told me about the beautiful Lund University library and was kind enough to take me to it.  Walking  past the old ivy covered building of the famous University was like walking back in time.  This is a link to some more photos of the University. sweden Lund University (27 of 33)

It rained off and on for awhile but I continued to walk through the narrow and quaint  streets of Lund. I headed to the newer shopping district where there were plenty of upscale shops and many fine restaurants. Like in Malmo the town had many flowers and trees and the bicycle was a favorite mode of transportation.  It was getting late in the afternoon so I headed to the train station for my ride back to Malmo. I was sad leaving the ancient buildings, churches and gardens of this quaint historic town. i so hope I am fortunate to get to visit it again someday. This is a link to more photos from my walk through the streets of Lund. sweden town walks (25 of 40)

I loved that place as if it was a part of me, and perhaps, in some ways, it was.”
Neil Gaiman,

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Malmo Sweden: Those Swedish Folks Sure Love Their Flowers.

Sorry I left you folks in Sweden, but  it was difficult keeping  up with my blog posts after I joined up with my fellow  group of travelers in Denmark. We spent so much time exploring the beautiful countries cities of Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and the unplanned visit to Tallinn, sharing meals and traveling, what was left was needed for sleep. And that wasn’t much considering the long days of the Scandinavian Summer. Malmo Sweden morning walk l   July 28  2015 (26 of 50)

I really wanted to share these photographs of the beautiful flowers that seemed to be everywhere in the Swedish city of Malmo.Malmo Sweden flowers  (22 of 27)


The small space between the narrow cobblestone streets and the quaint houses were all planted with hollyhocks and roses. The fragrance of the roses filled the air. And  i have never seen so many different colored hollyhocks. I am used to the red ones most folks in my neighborhood planted when I was a child. This is a link to more of the many colored hollyhocks, and a few roses, I photographed on the streets of Malmo. And, of course, you can just view them in the photograph  pages  of my blog.

Malmo Sweden hollyhocks and a few roses (3 of 13)





The public squares, cemeteries , and parks where all planted in flowers.Malmo Stotrorget july 26 2015 (10 of 12)



And of course where there are flowers there are bees. They were buzzing everywhere. They reminded me of how it used to be here in my town when I was young. Not so anymore there are fewer and fewer of them each passing year. Sad, But they where plentiful in Malmo and they were so different form the bees here in the Pennsylvania.I had more time in Sweden, when I was traveling alone in Sweden  so  I was able to get out with my macro lens and get some close ups. Amazing.  Malmo Sweden wasp  134 (1 of 1)


This is a link to some more photographs I took of the Swedish bees and wasps I found in Malmo . Sweden Morning walk july 26 2015 (23 of 23)

Although the streets mainly were planted with roses and hollyhocks I found a wide variety of native flowers in the beautiful Slottsragarden. I could have spent a month here. There is so much beauty all over this planet and the city of Malmo, which I had never heard of a few months ago, certainly has it’s share. I will never forget my visit there. Here is a link to some more of the many colorful flowers I found in these wonderful gardens.

Malmo Sweden flowers  (2 of 2)



“I must have flowers, always, and always.”
Claude MonetMalmo Sweden flowers  (4 of 27)

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A Walk In The Rain Through The Streets Of Stockholm.

Good morning, and finally have some down time as I cross the Baltic Ocean on my way to Helsinki. And that is only because it’s raining out again. It rained yesterday morning too, my last day in Stockholm, but I was still able to get some walking in.

I wanted to explore one of Stockholm’s islands, Stockholm is situated on fourteen of them,   the rustic island of Djurgarden. once a royal deer park and still containing many wooded parks and forests.

I got there by using Stockholm’s famous subway system, the tunnelbana or T-banan. I always enjoy using  underground transportation since my law school days in Washington D.C.  The Radhuset  entrance to the   T-banan  was right next to  my hotel. I love descending deep into the ground by escalator and Stockholm’s  was very deep at this entrance.Stockholm Sweden subway ride August 5 2015 (3 of 18)

It was very well maintained. It is famous for it’s murals and I was able to see a few. I was more worried about finding changing and different lines and finding the right exit for Djurgarden.  After some differing opinions among the locals, I decided to get off at Stadion.  This is a link to some more photos of my ride on the subway.

I walked out and into the now upscale neighborhood of Ostermalm. I learned this was once a poor farming area. There was also an old 17th century gate to the city near the Karlaplan  park and the area beyond this gate was known as the “Ultimate Darkness” It now was a pleasant residential area with many  walkers, runners and bicyclists on it’s streets.

I walked through the neighborhood and to the bridge leading on to Djurgarden Island and past the imposing statute of ta viking. Stockholm Sweden  Djurgarden August 5 2015 (1 of 47)


The Island  is the location of  the famous Vasa Musuem, where a ship lost in the 17th century is displayed , an amusement park, an art gallery and many other museums.  I wasn’t able to see it on this visit. I wish I had time to visit them all but I wanted to see some of the parks.

Unfortunately it started raining, lightly at first. i walked through the narrow lanes and paths along the shore and was surprised to see how rural it quickly became. I found many beautiful old trees along the paths, Many Swedes were also enjoying the park, walking, running and biking in the rain.

The skies darkened so I decided to head back at the Rosendal Palace and get a quick peek at it’s beautiful gardens. Here is a link to some more photographs I took at the palace.

I decided to head back and made my way to a residential area on the  south side of the island. There were again, many ancient trees surrounding quaint and well maintained old homes lining the water. i wish it weren’t raining, and by this time, there were torrential downpours. i am glad I took my Gortex  along although I wore shorts and sneakers. I also was lucky to have a plastic bag cover for my camera.

I  decided to take trolley back to the bridge and when I got off the rain had stopped and I decided to walk back. Well the rain started again and I found myself in a downpour. i was in a part of town I hadn’t walked before and couldn’t figure out which bus would take me to my hotel. And of course there wasn’t a taxi to be found so I walked and was soaked. Travel is not all sunshine. It was still a great experience. This is a link to my rainy walk from the bridge t my hotel.

I was sad that this was my last day in Sweden. I loved it from my time in Malmo , my visit to the historic town of Lund  and my time in the beautiful city of Stockholm. I would love to return in the winter when they say it is just as beautiful.  But on to Finland now. This is a link to some more photographs from my walk on Djurgarden Island yesterday.

Stockholm Sweden  Djurgarden August 5 2015 (8 of 47)

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Day Four. Scandinavia Adventure. Farewell To Malmo.

Finally got some good sleep last night, and there’s nothing like waking up in a foreign country after a good night sleep.  You just want to jump out of bed and begin exploring. And so I did.

It was partly sunny today, no rain, but windy and quite cool.  I would guess mid 50’s.   I was in a hurry and forget both my camera battery and memory card. Once I got on my way I decided to head out and explore the harbor again. Malmo Sweden morning ocean walk July 29 2015 (1 of 40)

I love harbors. I have walked alone along isolated piers in harbors from Ushuaia to Reykjavik.  So many thoughts about where the ships came from and where they are going. Each harbor is so much the same yet so different.

Today I walked past the central station and through a commercial and business district toward the lighthouse that marks the entrance to the port. Malmo Sweden morning ocean walk July 29 2015 (3 of 40)

I walked along the waterfront and back through the upscale housing complexes I visited yesterday . folks were just getting up, many talking the bikes to work, young mommy’s with their children aboard.



I walked past the residential area and into the isolated industrial areas found in most shipyards.  It appears there was  much more shipping here in the past but, perhaps because ot the Oresund bridge, and the accompanying rail traffic it has decreased. I loved the feeling of isolation out hereMalmo Sweden morning ocean walk July 29 2015 (12 of 40)

I then headed back toward the famous Turning Torso building and the surrounding residences and park. There was a great overlook of the ocean and I just stood for awhile taking it all in. I was lucky to spot a pair of swans and their two youngsters enjoying the rough waters.  I had only my wide angle lens so couldn’t get any close ups but sure enjoyed the moment. It reminded me of a Hans Christain Andersen fairy tale. Malmo Sweden morning ocean walk July 29 2015 (20 of 40)

I headed back along the ocean, encountering lots of folks starting their day, including fishermen, runners, bikers, a  large group of young children and even a brave soul taking a dive in, what i am guessing, were frigid waters. And all under the watchful presence of the Turning Torso. Malmo Sweden morning ocean walk July 29 2015 (32 of 40)

I meandered my way back to the hotel seeing so much more but, sorry i have a train to catch and I haven’t packed yet. More from when I get to Denmark. Here is a link to some more photos from my walk this morning. Sweden morning ocean walk July 29 2015 (39 of 40)

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Day Three: Scandinavian Adventure. A Walking Tour Of Malmo

I had planned on either renting a car or taking a train to see some more of the Swedish countryside today, but overcast skies, light rain  and little sleep kept me in the city of Malmo.  And I am glad I stayed put. Malmo Sweden morning walk l   July 28  2015 (40 of 50)

I wasn’t going to let the weather keep me inside so I put on my rain gear and went walking through the cobblestone and flowered lined streets of Malmo. the skies were just overcast when I left and walked east along Kungparken, the park I visited yesterday.

The residential streets were quiet, wide and lined with trees and flowers.  Walking was easy and the traffic lights and crossing lanes were all pedestrian friendly. There were modern building but also some beautiful old ones like the library  All properties were well maintained. Malmo Sweden morning walk l   July 28  2015 (3 of 50)

Shortly after walking past the soccer stadium I came to another park, Pildammsparken. with it’s  trees, flower gardens and a large lake active with water fowl. Malmo Sweden morning walk l   July 28  2015 (11 of 50)


After walking a few more blocks east i headed south through a more residential neighborhood. There was a bit more traffic but still no problems walking the busy streets. i walked past small grocery shops, coffee shops,  and other small businesses common in a local community and i stopped and had a cup of coffee in one of them. As usual the folks spoke fairly good English and were very friendly. Malmo Sweden morning walk l   July 28  2015 (19 of 50)

I roamed the streets of this neighborhood in a light rain until I came to a large cemetery. I later learned it was the cemetery for St. Paul’s Church. The well maintained graves were mainly from the last 50 years although I found a few dating back to the 1860’s. I love visiting cemeteries.Malmo Sweden morning walk l   July 28  2015 (28 of 50)



I then came upon St. Paul Church, an impressive and beautiful structure. I learned it was a stop on an ancient pilgrimage route dating back  to the middle ages. Unfortunately the church was closed for renovations. This is a link to more photos of this beautiful church. Malmo Sweden morning walk l   July 28  2015 (32 of 50)

I then walked along the waterway that surrounds old town Malmo  and came upon the railroad tracks and the train station. Took a break and had another cup of coffee amid the hustle and bustle of the train station. Malmo Sweden morning walk l   July 28  2015 (33 of 50)

I then saw a lighthouse and had to get to it. I explored the beautiful harbor of Malmo. and realized there is a lot more to this city then at first glance. It is more than history and old building.  I love ports and roamed around this one. Was surprised to see all the upscale housing in the many new housing complexes along the water. The sun was peeking through some dark clouds to the east and made for some spectacular scenery.  Here is a link to some more photographs of the harbor. Sweden morning walk l   July 28  2015 (44 of 50)

i then spied the unique Turning Torso building, the highest in Scandinavia. It looked like a storm approached but I had to see this building. And  it was impressive, even more so up close. i wanted to ride to the top, but reservations were required. Here is a link to some more photographs of this unique building.

Malmo Sweden Turning Torso    July 28  2015 (6 of 20)

Disappointed, I took the long walk back past the fish markets, Malmohus Castle, the windmill and gardens I visited yesterday. I was exhausted, it was a long four hike but I sure did enjoyed myself and learned so much about the wonderful city of  Malmo, where the old and new meet. Here is a link to some more photos i took on my hike today. Sweden morning walk l   July 28  2015 (49 of 50)




“What strange phenomena we find in a great city, all we need do is stroll about with our eyes open” Charles Baudelaire

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Day One. Sunday July 26th. Afternoon Walks Under Angry Northern Skies.

Sorry didn’t get a blog posts up yesterday but a little bit of exhaustion and  jet lag.  Spent the day exploring the historic and charming town of Lund. But hopefully that will be my post this evening. Now it’s back to Sunday and my afternoon in Malmo. I slept for about an hour after  I checked into my room after my morning walk. Nice little hotel centrally located, the Renaissance. Malmo sweden afternoon walk july 26 2015 (18 of 18)

After unpacking and a little sleep I wanted to walk to the ocean, I was greeted by strong winds and some very ominous looking skies. I took a chance and walked anyway.

The city of Malmo is a combination of the old and new. I walked past the Renaissance castle and fortress with it moat,  I didn’t have time to explre the famous Malmohus Castle but just to walk around it’s impressive walls and moats was reflective. I imagined the many travelers, who visited, both friendly and unfriendly over the centuries. Malmo sweden afternoon walk july 26 2015 (6 of 18)


I walked past the parks I visited in the morning and face the ocean. The wind was ferocious  It really was difficult walking into it. But it didn’t stop the local residents from enjoying the beach. There were many folks walking there dogs, youngsters playing games and others walking and on their bikes. The view oof the ocean with the dark cloud formations will always leave an impression on me.  Seems to remind me of the violent times of the vikings and the harsh life they endured in these northern climes.Malmo Sweden ocean walk  july 26 2015 (13 of 43)

But there are reminders of the present too. The Oresund Bridge,  which I crossed on my entry to Malmo,  and which spanned the ocean and connected Denmark and Sweden could be seen in the distance, An the imposing modern structure, the Turning Torso,  dominated this part of Malmo and made for some interesting photographs against the imposing sky. Malmo Sweden ocean walk  july 26 2015 (3 of 43)

The beach had it’s seashells and sea gulls but because of the wind and my lack of sleep didn’t do much  exploring. I headed back into town and the clouds broke so i decided to visit the famous square again.


I also noticed the tower of the famous St Peters Church  gleaming in the sunlight and headed that way once again. .Malmo Sweden Saint Peter's Church july 26 2015 (1 of 31)

I had to enter St. Petri Kyrka  and once again enjoy it beauty. Here is a kink to some more photographs of the church. Sweden Saint Peter's Church july 26 2015 (10 of 31)

I headed back through the now crowded central square and enjoyed a wonderful traditional  Swedish dinner at Johan P’s restaurant.  Loved my first day in Sweden


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Malmo Stotrorget july 26 2015 (12 of 12)

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